•CGT Castlemaine Gold Victoria

At CGT mine in Ballarat Victoria Compliance Electrical have recently completed an MCC upgrade. Below is the comments from the Mill manager.

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent work Compliance Electrical did on our MCC upgrade. I can tell you I was quite nervous about the potential impact all that work might have on our production – not being able to start back up without major headaches.

As it turned out I had no reason to worry, because you guys did a fantastic job. Everything went back the right way and we saw ZERO production impact. This was a major achievement in a brown-field operation like ours and I want you to pass on my thanks to your Team.

Not only did the technical side of the job go without a hitch, but the attitude of the guys around safety, respect for our systems and procedures and flexibility to work in around us was really appreciated.

You’ve got a good bunch of blokes there.

Thanks again....

Before no enclosure electrical equipment mounted directly on wall This is a before photo.

After shot all equipment removed and enclosure installed with electrical equpment After photo. All electrical equipment removed and re-installed in rated fault protected enclosures.

Before shot high current ciruit breakesr not installed in rated fault enclosures This is a before photo

After photo with all ciriut breaker re-installed in rated enclosure After photo. All ciruit breakers removed and re-installed in rated fault protected enclosures